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Identity. Be it a small upstart venture or a large global corporation, your goal is to expose people to your philosophy, services or products, professional experience, reputation and branding. ARCH-INTERIORS has over two decades of business acumen and a talented staff with an exceptional understanding of the dynamic process of commercial design. Your working space must be usable, functional, make a unique design statement, have the technological support to function in a state-of-art manner and an eco-consciousness. Employees, visitors and your Clients must love experiencing your space, and ultimately it should be a physical statement to the company’s Mission Statement.

Because our firm offers residential, retail and hospitality services, we draw from a plethora of products and finishes to incorporate distinctive detailing that makes a statement. Our Clients’ needs range from spaces that feel like a home, are contemporary and edgy, have traditional rich woods and special finishes, are entire buildings that want to beautify their lobby, restrooms, corridors or a valet level, or requests as unique as a mock courtroom. The collective results will be a finished product that extends well beyond what their competition has to offer.

Excitement. Entertainment. Enjoyment. In our online age, retail and hospitality now must be an experience to the senses. How do you stand out and become a destination? One’s business plans should not merely be the need for an outstanding interior design, but more importantly what can be the ultimate experience for your customer or guest. Our retail and hospitality Client’s goal is to provide superior products and services to their customer in a memorable environment. ARCH-INTERIORS accomplishes this through the use of textures, unique materials, lighting, colors, special finishes and wonderful design detailing to create a one-of-a kind space.

Based in a city famous for entertaining, our talented design team is experienced in making an impact. With a portfolio of mixed-use projects, hotels, resorts, restaurants, specialty retail stores, spas, showrooms, salons and fitness centers, ARCH-INTERIORS pulls from its proficiency in commercial and residential design to create interiors that function efficiently and exhibit a unique personality.

ARCH-INTERIORS offers full “turn-key” design services, which is unique in the commercial & retail design field because of the myriad of services available to our Clients. Upon completion of the concepts, we then produce full sets of construction drawings and project details and expedite the project all the way through City permitting. We can also coordinate with lighting, data, equipment suppliers, audio/visual, facilities managers, building management, leasing agents and any other relevant consultants needed on the project. Our superior project management skills ensure supervision with the utmost attention to detail to minimize potential problems.

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“NEO-METRO hired Arch Interiors to creatively direct and design our corporate showroom installation displays.

Arch Interiors presented NEO-METRO with superb design solutions that not only compliment the products but also offered efficient use of space. This gives NEO-METRO the ability to freely interchange product configuration needs.”
-Kristina Kahle
Neo Metro Collection

“I had the pleasure of working with Arch-Interiors on our flagship location. The requirement was that was to be a “green” space with all sustainable materials. Creatively, the material selections and knowledge of products and vendors were appropriate and diverse. Their capabilities in permitting with the City, easily obtaining a change of use permit, working with me for LEED certification, title 24 requirements, and project managing the various construction people simplified the process immensely so I could concentrate on opening my business. I hope to continue to continue opening new locations and will look to Arch-Interiors to facilitate my expansion.”
-Nidhi Lal
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