In the exciting world of interior design, one’s exposure to global design and with trends that seem instantaneous, defining your own unique style for a home can be overwhelming. ARCH-INTERIORS’ singular objective is to create a space as unique as each individual and family with whom we work. While learning about our Client’s lifestyle and esthetic desires, our design group helps each Client discover their own design individuality, ensuring the end result will be a manifestation of the collaboration in creating a reverie home.

Our design group utilizes years of experience to guide you through the adventure of each design phase, from the conceptual plans to unique selections of finishes and furnishings and offer recommendations that support informed purchasing decisions. How ARCH-INTERIORS excels is our “turn-key” approach to the design process offering a myriad of services that will engender your trust throughout our collaboration.

We pride ourselves on customer service, which commences at the project concepts and continues even after the final punch list is completed. In a Client’s busy life, it is important to feel protected, which we do by participating in contractor’s bid reviews and all levels of project supervision and coordination to ensure the ultimate design quality is fulfilled.

Whether it’s new construction or a complete remodel, a design that can be traditional, transitional, contemporary or modern, ARCH-INTERIORS directs every detail of the design, selections, all construction-related plans, City submittals for permitting and the construction process. The goal is a pleasant experience of you watching your dream come to fruition and living in a space that is as exceptional as you are.

To inquire how ARCH-INTERIORS can assist you in creating your individual or families one-of-a kind home, please click here.

“I want to say thank you for another amazing job – just fantastic. So I extend a heartfelt thank you for all your skill and creativity, and for understanding us both so well. With love and appreciation.”
-Diane Woods

“Christopher, you and your team are TERRIFIC!!!! Though this process has not been a piece of cake, working with you has been like the icing a top the sprinkles cupcake – the Best! With much gratitude + respect + of course love. ”
-Carmen and Eric Liebeler
Los Angeles, CA

“Christopher has proven himself to be more talented than I could have hoped for, repeatedly turning our vision into something so much more beautiful than I thought possible. He patiently guided us in the right direction when needed, always remaining friendly and professional. Over the last 18 years we have done several projects and two complete remodels together, each one eliciting words like “stunning” and “gorgeous” from our friends and neighbors. Two years after the most recent remodel we still marvel daily at what was created. Happier we could not be. We loved his work so much, in fact, that he has been designing unique and modern bathroom vanities for my furniture company for the last 7th years – very successfully, I might add. Take it from us – you’re in the right hands.”
-Martin and Debbi Symes

“Arch-Interiors is more than just a full-service design team, but helped me through the entire process, beginning with extracting the vision in my head through to placing the last piece of tile. Their can-do attitude helped me overcome obstacles to the project that seemed insurmountable. They acted in the capacity as project managers and helped keep the project moving and ultimately got it done on time. Plus, their “secondary” services of acting as therapist, intermediaries and stress deflectors helped me keep my cool and my sanity during the stressful remodel process. Thank you, Christopher, to you and your spectacular team for a job well done.”
-Bryce and Christina Coleman
Los Angeles, CA

“We are thrilled at the beautiful outcome of our home and enjoyed seeing the daily progress—it’s like having our own live HGTV show!”
-Don Beck & Steve Stamstad
Los Angeles, CA

“Christopher, thank you for ALL of your help!”
-Congressman Bart Gordon
Washington D.C.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done. Our house has really come together! It’s been so great working with you and your team!”
-Jay and Despina Landers
Beverly Hills, CA

“We would like to thank you and your staff for all the work you did on our master bedroom and bathroom remodel. It turned out so much better than we had hoped for, thanks to your team! Everything about the space is fantastic. We couldn’t have done it without your help. Once again, thank you for your patience, creativity and professionalism.”
-Efren Gonzalez & John Kavanaugh
Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks again for also being a great partnership and helping us design our first home. Exciting Times.”
-Brooke Randolph and Damon McLaren
Santa Monica, CA

“First and foremost thank you for our beautiful home. Now that the process is completed, I felt I should write a letter commending you and the entire team who worked on our project. As you may recall, in the very beginning, I was more than a little concerned about the perceived geographic difficulties surrounding your involvement in this project. Your strong assurances and attention to detail in the early going gave us the confidence to engage Arch-Interiors. As promised, there were no difficulties created by your Beverly Hills location. The whole time you were never more than a phone call away. I would readily recommend your firm to anyone considering having work done on their home. You and your team did a fantastic job.”
-Kerim and Jeanette Otus
Foster City, CA

“During the initial walk-through, I was impressed by Arch-Interiors ability to immediately conceive a design solution from a raw, white, limited space. They created a masculine, updated western feel from modern elements, without the use of corny cliché pieces. I am very pleased with the consistent décor throughout my home. In addition to great design work, Arch-Interiors executed the plan (and accommodated my buying schedule) in a professional and courteous manner that made the project enjoyable.”
-Nick Gardner
Santa Monica, CA

“Arch-Interiors wasn’t afraid to tell us what they thought, but they were sensitive and seemed able to respond quickly to our needs and follow up on details and we are amazed at how it turned out.”
-Eric and Carmen Liebeler
Minneapolis, MN

“Christopher and Arch-Interiors made our dream bedroom/bathroom a reality. The overall design they created, which included significant structural changes, contained beautiful artistic architectural elements. This provided the perfect canvas for the space and illustrated the importance of using an excellent design firm, not just good decorators. We found them easy to work with, extremely creative as well as efficient and responsive. We would use Arch-Interiors again in a minute, showed we attempt another design project.”
-Barry and Diane Woods
West Hills, CA

“ I want to thank you for a wonderful introduction into the potential of our home. Your presentation, your boards, your commentary, your team, your goals and aspirations were remarkably on line with our thoughts and expectations. Though a proverbial doubting Thomas, I can see that my wife’s and others’ faith in you is more than justified. Your blue print for our house, sorry, residence, is a wonderful goal and realization of what we could not see but could feel. I know we have many years ahead to realize our collective dream, but to have made so much progress immediately is heartwarming and in my humble opinion, a wonderful confirmation that we have made the most inspired decision to have you head or be our team. Please don’t let my naturally dour exterior douse any of your/our dreams: I am sure they are partially or completely attainable. I am looking forward to your spending a little bit of our money. Warmest regards. ”
-Iain and Lori Nasatir
Tarzana, CA