Commercial & Retail

Identity. Be it an upstart venture, a small boutique or a large global corporation, your goal is to expose people to your philosophy, services or products, professional experience, reputation, and branding. ARCH-INTERIORS has almost three decades of business acumen and a talented staff with an exceptional understanding of the dynamic process of commercial and retail design.

With the incredible change in corporate needs of today’s office spaces, your working space must be even more usable, functional, alluring and make a unique design statement.  Employees, visitors, and your clients must love experiencing your space, and ultimately it should be a physical statement to the company’s Mission Statement.

Commercial project needs can range from spaces that feel like a home, are contemporary and edgy, have traditional rich woods and special finishes, or, are entire buildings that want to beautify their lobby, restrooms, corridors, or requests as unique as a mock courtroom.

Retail design today needs to encompass excitement, entertainment, and enjoyment for a customer, coupled with a well thought out plan for ultimate functionality for the company. In our online age, retail locations now must be an experience to the senses. How do you stand out and become a destination? How do you become an ultimate experience for your customer or guest?  And how do you make sure your design considers all of your business and sales needs to save time and be profitable.

Whether commercial or retail projects, ARCH-INTERIORS is unique in the industry by offering full “turnkey” design services with a myriad of services available to our clients.  Upon completion of design concepts with our client, we then produce full sets of construction drawings and project details and expedite the project all the way through City permitting. We can also coordinate with lighting, data, equipment suppliers, audio/visual, facilities managers, building management, leasing agents and any other relevant consultants needed on the project. Our superior project management skills ensure supervision with the utmost attention to detail to minimize potential problems.

To inquire how ARCH-INTERIORS can assist you in creating an environment for your needs and identity, please click here.

“I asked you to give me the best “surface and color” for our office. The result has exceeded my expectations! Thank you.”
-Dr. Brian Noguchi
Torrance, California

“I’ve been in many operations in our industry, and nothing compares to this. You will not find another office space with the color, art and flair that we have here. Employees LOVE coming to work every day.”
-Michael Butts

“It had truly been a pleasure working on contracts with your organization. The group of Arch-Interiors has consistently demonstrated their ability to look at the big picture when it comes to your clients, architecture and telecommunication needs. You have consistently eliminated frustrations on our part by asking the right questions of your clients and exploring all their possible needs-both present and future.

Lastly, thank you for all the attention to which you have shown us when coordinating the various vendors and working on site for your clients. Potential nightmares have been avoided due to your attention to details and scheduling/coordination skills.
-Ralph C. Williams, Jr.
Telecom Director
A Total Network

“As always, you and your team have provided great service. Most important is your ability to do all of this with a great friendly attitude.
We appreciate all your professional assistance.”
-Michael Soroudi
Maxxam Enterprise

“Arch-Interiors, headed by President Christopher Grubb has proven to be leading professionals and an amazing and talented interior designer firm. They are capable of prioritizing design and visual appeal, bringing with them elegance, great care, and with an eye for precise detail.

Our building can be considered a monument and a testament to the success of this renovation. We hold Arch-Interiors and staff with highest regard.”
-Karen Pappas
Senior Property Manager

“I originally hired Arch-Interiors to assist with my office. They helped create a functional layout for the space, and also coordinated with our building management and contractor. I was particularly pleased with their innovative ideas for our showroom; they were able to design inventive ways to create a multi-functional space while maintaining our budget.

Following the successful completion of our office project, I enlisted their help on my home. My kitchen was beautifully updated and they assisted with the purchase of furniture, wall coverings and drapery; all with colors that were exactly suited to my taste and again, while being respectful of my budget. Their ability to work seamlessly in both commercial and residential applications is a rare find. Their reputation as a top firm in Los Angeles is merited and I highly recommend them.”
-JL Pomeroy
CEO & President
The jLINE Group